Cellectis S-1 Analysis (NASDAQ: CLLS)

Cellectis Basic Info

Exchange: NASDAQ

Proposed Symbol: CLLS

Employees: 93

CEO: André Choulika

File Date: 02/20/15

Offer Amount: $115 mm

Description from S-1: “We are a pioneering gene-editing company, employing our core proprietary technologies to develop best-in-class products in the emerging field of immuno-oncology. Our product candidates, based on gene-edited T-cells that express chimeric antigen receptors, or CARs, seek to harness the power of the immune system to target and eradicate cancers. We believe that CAR-based immunotherapy is one of the most promising areas of cancer research, representing a new paradigm for cancer treatment. We are designing next-generation immunotherapies that are based on gene-edited CAR T-cells. Our gene-editing technologies allow us to create allogeneic CAR T-cells, meaning they are derived from healthy donors rather than the patients themselves. We believe that the allogeneic production of CAR T-cells will allow us to develop cost-effective, “off-the-shelf” products that are capable of being stored and distributed worldwide. Our gene-editing expertise also enables us to develop product candidates that feature additional safety and efficacy attributes, including control properties designed to prevent them from attacking healthy tissues, to enable them to tolerate standard oncology treatments, and to equip them to resist mechanisms that inhibit immune-system activity.”

From the S-1


  • Lead Underwriters: B of A, Jefferies, and Piper Jaffray
  • Other Underwriters: Oppenheimer

2014 Sales: $20.3 mm

Total Assets: $55.078 mm

Competitors: Kite Pharma (KITE), bluebird bio (BLUE), Intrexon (XON), Bellicum Pharma (BLCM), Raindance Technologies (RAIN), Juno Therapeutics (JUNO), Celgene (CELG), Pharmacyclics (PCYC).

Other Notes

  • Based in Paris, France
  • Founded in 2000
  • They develop gene-edited CAR T-cells that are used to cure cancer
  • Other publicly traded companies that are using CAR T-cells to eradicate cancer include Kite Pharma, Intrexon, bluebird bio, and Juno Therapeutics.
    • Stocks in the CAR T-cell sector have performed extremely well since going public
    • % Return from IPO:
      • KITE = 272%
      • JUNO = 108%
      • BLUE = 489%
      • XON = 200%
    • With this in mind, I believe CLLS will perform extremely well in the U.S. public market
  • Cellectis is also a publicly traded company in France, under the symbol ALCLS
    • Went public in France in 2007
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